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Plants by Roswell Garden Flowers

Want to send a plant gift but don't have a green thumb? Find the hottest picks in Roswell Garden Flowers's best selling plants and flowers section. Rose plants are perfect for romance; blooming plants brighten anyone's day; and a green plant provides lasting beauty. Our best selling plants take the guesswork out of gift-giving.

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Blooming Garden Plants
Blooming Garden Plants AFMP1 US 125.99
Blooming sweet birds planter
Blooming sweet birds planter AFMP2 US 79.99
Blooming orchid garden
Blooming orchid garden AFMP3 US 315.99
Phalaenopsis orchid
Phalaenopsis orchid AFMP4 US 89.99
Sweet Orchid
Sweet Orchid AFMP5 US 75.99
Double Stalk Phalaeonopsis Orchid
Double Stalk Phalaeonopsis Orchid AFMP6 US 85.95
White Phalaeonopsis Orchid
White Phalaeonopsis Orchid AFMP7 More Info
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The FTD® Comfort Planter
The FTD® Comfort Planter CPP US 49.99
The FTD® Schefflera Arboricola
The FTD® Schefflera Arboricola C28-4890 US 99.99
The FTD® Spathiphyllum
The FTD® Spathiphyllum C28-4893 US 64.99
The FTD® Peace & Serenity™ Dishgarden
The FTD® Peace & Serenity™ Dishgarden C23-4454 US 66.99
The FTD® French Garden™
The FTD® French Garden™ C23-4886 US 82.99

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